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We understand the need of every consumer for reliable and easy-to-use adhesives. Our products are trusted by DIYers and craft enthusiasts alike because it provides the best results in every application. Aside from these innovation, our DIY brands are environment-friendly, affordable, and packaged for convenient use.

Do it yourself but make sure to “Do It Right!” with a Pioneer Adhesives DIY brands. For more information on our specific DIY products.

leave us a message or request the Technical Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet through info@pioneer-adhesives.com


  • Automoto

  • Construction & Industrial

  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

  • Furnitures & Handicrafts

  • Maintenance,Repair,Operation(MRO)

  • Marine


pioneer wood glue.jpeg

Pioneer Wood Glue - Products

mighty gasket.jpeg

Pioneer Mighty Gasket Liquid Grey Engine Sealant - Products

Quick dry enamel.jpeg

Pioneer Marine Quick Dry Enamel - Products

pioeer anchoring.jpeg

Pioneer Anchoring - Products

Great Floor 100.png

Pioneer Great Floor 100 - Products

Great floor 200.png

Pioneer Great Floor 200 - Products

Great floor 300.png

Pioneer Great Floor 300 - Products

Water-tite 100.png

Pioneer Water-Tite 100 - Products

Water-tite 101.png

Pioneer Water-Tite 101 - Products

Water-tite 102.png

Pioneer Water-Tite 102 - Products