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Pioneer Adhesives Foundation, Inc.


The Pioneer Adhesives Foundation, Inc .is the official arm of Pioneer Adhesives, Inc. geared towards education, disaster relief and the protection of our environment.

The foundation was commissioned in the year 2012 as the JWS Foundation Philippines, Inc. and was relaunched in 2015 as the Pioneer Adhesives Foundation, Inc. (PAFI). PAFI now has a clearer purpose primarily driven by three main advocacies: environment, education and disaster relief. The foundation is supported by a group of companies whose collaboration has made it possible to craft and carry out projects which support the purpose of the foundation. The PAFI is eager to give back to the Filipino community and has made its first few steps in doing so these past months. Looking ahead, it aims to create larger waves of positive change throughout the country. 

Pioneer Adhesives Foundation, Inc. aims to create larger waves of positive change throughout the country.


Helping to address issues concerning the environment, education, and disaster resiliency to empower Filipino families.


PAFI envisions to contribute to the strengthening of Filipino communities through values-centered approach of “malasakit” and “doing things right”



Promotion of functional literacy through artisan skills training, academic grants, donations, and other related initiatives.


Spearhead activities and campaigns to inculcate environmental sensitivity towards a healthier planet.

Disaster Resiliency

Assistance in responding to and recovering from natural calamities through relief efforts and innovative construction solutions.


Excellence and Quality
Integrity and Value for Work
Concern to People and Planet
Volunteerism and Diversity

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