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Our company has been an advocate of cultivating excellence in craftsmanship and because of this, we make sure to provide craftsmen of furniture and handicrafts a wide range of commercial and household adhesive products that can be used for a variety of materials with the best possible adhesion results.

“Dot It Right!” and make your furniture and handicraft using the best materials and ensure quality output all the time. For more information on our specific Furniture and Handicraft products.

leave us a message or request the Technical Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet through info@pioneer-adhesives.com


  • Automoto

  • Construction & Industrial

  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

  • Furnitures & Handicrafts

  • Maintenance,Repair,Operation(MRO)

  • Marine


pioneer wood glue.jpeg

Pioneer Wood Glue - Products

mighty gasket.jpeg

Pioneer Mighty Gasket Liquid Grey Engine Sealant - Products

Quick dry enamel.jpeg

Pioneer Marine Quick Dry Enamel - Products

pioeer anchoring.jpeg

Pioneer Anchoring - Products

Great Floor 100.png

Pioneer Great Floor 100 - Products

Great floor 200.png

Pioneer Great Floor 200 - Products

Great floor 300.png

Pioneer Great Floor 300 - Products

Water-tite 100.png

Pioneer Water-Tite 100 - Products

Water-tite 101.png

Pioneer Water-Tite 101 - Products

Water-tite 102.png

Pioneer Water-Tite 102 - Products