pioneer concerete epoxy

Save on Costs by Avoiding these Renovation Mistakes

pioneer concerete epoxy

Renovating a home – whether it’s a major overhaul or a mini makeover – is always an exciting project to take on. From the possibility of improving outdated structures to coming up with sound plans– it’s a challenging yet fulfilling process.

Like other projects, home renovations may also involve overcoming mishaps so you can keep within your timeline. It helps to know common renovation mistakes so you can steer clear of these and deliver a home any homeowner would love to have. Take note of these renovation mistakes:

#1. Setting an unrealistic timeline
Once you’ve identified the work that needs to be done, create a timeline that details every process you need to work on and how long you intend to do each one. Rushing a job won’t do any good as it may lead to unpolished results, bigger problems, and the entire project getting delayed.

#2. Focusing only on aesthetics
Who doesn’t want to deliver a picture-perfect home? While it’s important to turnover a renovated home that looks brand new, you need to make sure the structure is built to last, the foundation is sound, and it’s a safe home to live in.

#3. Skipping processes
Very much related to keeping within a timeline, skipping prep work and doing proper inspections may result in unrefined finishes, and ultimately, a back job. Dealing with kapak, or the hollow sound you hear when the cement and tile adhesive were not properly applied, then having to repair cracks on walls are just some of the roadblocks you might face.

#4. Going for cheap materials
While it’s a given to want to save as much as possible when working on renovations, skimping on a few bucks may cost you the overall look and soundness of the project. Buying what costs less is somehow similar to skipping processes – you get lackluster results and the possibility of redoing a job when you cut corners.

It’s safe to say that it’s often the overlooked essentials such as adhesives that you should focus on when prepping for a renovation project. When sourcing for materials, always be on the lookout for quality items that’s not too hard on the pocket like Pioneer Adhesives.

pioneer pro concrete epoxy

Its Pioneer Concrete Epoxy – available in High Viscosity and Low Viscosity – is a heavy-duty epoxy adhesive that you can add to your arsenal. The former bonds old to new concrete and works on damp and dry surfaces; while the latter is a pourable, self-leveling concrete adhesive that’s designed for patching damaged or degraded concrete structures. Depending on the scope of work, it comes in handy, for sure.

#5. Not having a contingency plan
Having a solid plan A doesn’t mean you don’t need plans B, C, and to be safe, D. It’s best to be ready for unexpected occurrences and be open to tweaking the original plan if it means you get to deliver a renovated home the homeowner will be proud of.

Renovations has its ups and downs – you need to ride the waves and be open to learning something new. At the end of the day, seeing the final result will definitely be worth it.

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