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Oliver Austria aka Pinoy Architect shows us around his headquarters…


About Pioneer Pro Water-Tite 100 Instant Plug
ULTRA-RAPID SETTING plugging mortar designed to seal leaks even in running water.

Best used for plugging holes, gaps and cracks:
Concrete pipes
Precast concrete
Water retaining structures

Available in 4.54kg can and 200g pouch

Pioneer Pro Tips
Use Water-Tite 100 Instant Plug to seal leaks, plug holes, gaps and cracks even in running water. It is ideal to seal leaks prior to applying waterproofing rendering in basements.
About Pioneer Pro Water-Tite 101 All Purpose
Ready-to-use and easy-to-apply crystalline capillary waterproofing made of select blends of cement, fine quartz sand, and active chemical constituents, providing a LONG-LASTING WATER IMPERVIOUSNESS.

Best used for below-ground applications:
Swimming pools
Basement walls
Tunnels, Silos, Water Tanks
Underground Garages

Available in 4.54kg can and 25kg bag

Pioneer Pro Tips
After repairing active water leak and area is ready to receive waterproofing, use Water-Tite 101 All Purpose to waterproof basement walls or any below ground areas to protect masonry and concrete structures.
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