ElastoKwik All Purpose Sealant

Elastokwik is a single-component, ready-to-use elastomeric rubber sealant formulated for weatherproofing and sealing of most construction joints. It is fast-drying, easy to spread, and toluene-free. At around 7 days, it fully cures to tough, full-bodied, elastic, and waterproof. ElastoKwik works on wet roofs and other surfaces that are not permanently submerged underwater.
It is used to seals joints, gaps and holes on roofs, gutters, flashings, downspouts, ac ducts and drainpipes. It also seals and adheres PVC pipe joints and fixtures. Seals perimeters, gaps and joints between metal, glass and concrete. Seals cracks on plastic basins, pails, and drums.
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