Pioneer Water-Tite 100

With shelf life of 12 months if kept unopened. Considered an Instant Plug of leaks in concrete structures.

Downloadable Datasheet:

Technical Info:

  • Setting time: 45 to 90 seconds at 30 deg C
  • Curing:  Standard concrete procedures should be followed to prevent rapid water loss and consequent loss of strength.

How to Use:

  1. For surface preparation, surfaces should be brushed clean to remove loose material, dust and laitance, 
  2. Areaas to be patched should be cut back to a depth of 20mm and given a good mechanical key.  Feather edges must not be allowed.
  3. All surfaces must be damped with clean water prior to application.
  4. Mixing proportion is 1 part water to 3 parts Water-Tite 100.  
  5. Apply mixed Water-Tite in place ensuring maximum contact with substrate.  If being used to plug a running water leak, should be held in place until it reaches initial set time.
  6. Due to rapid setting, use only the quantity which can be placed within the prescribed time.


Water-Tite 100 is designed to seal leaks in running water where conventional mortars would be washed away.  Ideal for use in patching concrete mortars, repairing concrete pipe and pre-cast concrete, repairing honeycombs, crack and spalls, anchoring of bolts and fixtures, repairing water retaining structures, and filling holes.


  • With shelf life of 12 months if kept unopened
  • Considered an Instant Plug of leaks in concrete structures. 


Available in 4.54 kg cans and in pouches of 200 g.