About Us

The Pioneer Adhesives Foundation, Inc. (PAFI) is a non-stock, non-profit organization grounded in its advocacies, namely promoting environmental sensitivity, uplifting the nation through educational assistance and assisting in disaster rehabilitation. 


The Pioneer brand recognizes its role in assisting our country in these areas and this is the driving force behind the establishment of PAFI. We aim to give back to the Filipino community and create larger waves of positive change throughout the country.

Pioneer Adhesives PAFI Planting the Plan


Pioneer Adhesives Foundation, Inc. envisions to assist Filipinos by improving lives and being of service to others, anchored on our strong heritage and leadership in our industry.


We commit to help our communities through Preservation and regeneration of the environment Education programs for the deserving youth, tradesmen and fishermen; Relief and rehabilitation programs for disaster-stricken areas.

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