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5 Creative Ways To Repurpose Old Christmas Decorations

repurpose christmas decorations

Are your Christmas decorations already up? With the holiday rush in full swing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything you need to accomplish before Christmas. If you haven’t decorated the house yet, there’s no need to worry about buying new ornaments. You can always reuse the trinkets you displayed last year and give them fresh flair.

With resourcefulness and creativity, your old decorations can look brand new! Get inspiration from the ideas below.

1. Glue old Christmas balls to create a wall accent.
Got mismatched Christmas balls? Check the condition of these ornaments to see which ones you can use. Those with cracks can be quickly fixed with fast-drying glue or adhesive so you can still add it to your final piece.

Once you have the balls ready, glue them together to a canvas or a board you can hang in the entryway or living area to usher in good tidings.

2. Create an elegant centerpiece.
Bring out an old vase and clean it thoroughly. Fill it with old Christmas trinkets, balls, pine cones, and battery-operated lights. You can use this as a centerpiece in the dining area just in time for Noche Buena.

3. Spruce up an old wreath.
Don’t throw your lackluster wreath just yet! Breathe new life into this green ornament by adding ribbons and colorful baubles. If you have smaller Christmas balls, you can glue two or three together before tying them with a ribbon onto the wreath.

4. Turn mason jars into candleholders.
If you have mason jars at home, you can put them to good use by painting them in holiday colors and gluing cutouts of stars and trees in front of each jar. Place votive candles inside the jars before using them to decorate the corners of your home. Make sure you light up the candles at night or just in time for your get-together.

5. Create a minimalist diorama.
Ready to elevate your DIY skills? If you have spare plywood from your last renovation project, you can use this as a backdrop for your diorama. Achieve a simple setup by gluing a mini tree, mini Christmas balls, and old figurines if you have them, onto the plywood. You may choose to further liven up the diorama with battery-operated lights. Your final project can be displayed in the living area.

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