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clear laminating epoxy

How Laminating Epoxy Can Make a Difference in Your Project

clear laminating epoxy

How meticulous are you when it comes to choosing materials you’ll use in your projects? When it comes to turning over a house or a building that’s polished and within timeline, we cannot stress enough how important it is to have essentials you can count on.

Take for example using laminating epoxy. This material comes in handy when curing wood and fiber-reinforced composites like carbon and glass fibers. It’s easy to think you can just grab the most affordable you can find, but keep in mind that it’s important to go with a brand you can trust. As explains, it’s a must to buy “the highest possible quality in order to work well with them and achieve beautiful results.”
Known for its good water and chemical resistance, laminating epoxy can be used in different ways, including crafting timeless pieces of furniture. How’s that for making a project more memorable? Here are ways to make the most of laminating epoxy in your ongoing endeavors:

1. For strengthening beams, columns, and slabs
It’s one thing to add support to the structure you’re building and another to reinforce it with laminating epoxy to ensure the durability of the project.

2. For sealing surfaces
Who wouldn’t appreciate a polished kitchen countertop or a wooden finish that just shines? Your choice of epoxy can add that sheen while preventing water and moisture from seeping into the surface.

3. For laminating wood and fiber-reinforced composites like kevlar, carbon, and glass fibers, to name a few
Laminating epoxy takes around three days to cure and after this time, you can count on strong adherence, water-resistance, and material strength.

4. For crafting timeless pieces of furniture
The building or house is a gift to your clients in itself, but why not add in a bonus if the time and budget allow? A river resin table can be a beautiful centerpiece in the living or dining area and it’s a DIY project worth taking on.
Considered a hybrid furniture made of wooden planks and epoxy resin, this trendy piece of furniture is reminiscent of calm bodies of water that your client will surely appreciate. To see how you can use laminating epoxy in building a river resin table and how it comes to life, click here.

pioneer pro laminatin epoxy

Since choosing a laminating epoxy boils down to quality, going for Pioneer Clear Laminating Epoxy is one of the best calls you can make for your project. A two-part water clear liquid epoxy system specifically designed for wet lay-up and ambient temperature cure of wood and fiber-reinforced composites like carbon and glass fibers, it is easy-to-apply, self-leveling, and perfect for ticking off the items listed above.

Craft a river resin table and reinforce the materials you will use in your project while guaranteeing durability plus water and chemical resistance.

To learn more about Pioneer Clear Laminating Epoxy and how it can be a valuable part of your projects, log on to For inquiries, you can follow and chat with us on Facebook: or email Shop online when you visit or add to cart at

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