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Pioneer Adhesives, Inc.

Pioneer Adhesives, Inc. (“Pioneer”) and its affiliated companies are committed to the secure processing of the personal data it acquires from or pertaining to the users of its website (“Website”), and/or from consumers and individuals who avail of Pioneer’s goods and services through Pioneer’s various Trade and Marketing Channels such as, but not limited to, newsletters, brochures, emails, SMS and other electronic messages, telephone, in-store trade and marketing mechanisms, points of sale events, third party social networks, and customer service engagements (“Users” or, individually, “User”).


Pioneer ensures that the processing of such personal data is in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (“DPA”), its Implementing Rules and Regulations (“DPA IRR”), issuances of the National Privacy Commission (“NPC”), the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), and other applicable laws and regulations on data privacy. 


This Privacy Policy provides the terms under which Pioneer processes the personal data of the Users and how such personal information is stored, used, retained, shared and accessed. This Privacy Policy likewise informs the Users of their rights and remedies as data subjects, and the measures Pioneer undertakes for the protection of their personal data.



A. Personal information involved


Pioneer collects and processes personal data from or pertaining to the User when the User accesses the Website, and/or avails of Pioneer’s goods and services whether through the Website or other Trade and Marketing Channels. Such personal data include:


  1. Name

  2. Mobile or landline number;

  3. Residential/office/billing address or location;

  4. E-mail address;

  5. Credit card or debit card number;

  6. IP address

  7. Social media profile links


Users accept that Pioneer or its authorized service providers/third party vendors, contractors, subcontractors, agents and corporate partners (“Third Parties ”), as well as said Third Parties’ member companies, affiliates and/or service providers, may use cookies to store information on the Users in order to provide Users with a customized and more efficient experience in accessing or using the Website.


B. Collection / Processing and Purpose 


Pioneer may collect, disclose, use and maintain in any form, personal data relating to the User for the following purposes and any purpose directly or indirectly related to them:


  1. To confirm or clarify an order;

  2. To facilitate the availment and monitoring of products and services, special promotions and other benefits by User;

  3. To facilitate Users’ use of and access to the Website;

  4. To administer Users’ accounts;

  5. To facilitate Users’ payment for their orders;

  6. To provide Users updates on the fulfillment of Users’ Orders;

  7. To customize Users’ access to and use of the Website and other Trade and Marketing Channels;

  8. To carry out research on Users’ demographics, behavior as consumer and individual preferences;

  9. To market Pioneer’s goods and services, provide information on promos, discounts, and other marketing;

  10. To fulfill the legitimate objectives of Pioneer as a duly registered corporation;

  11. To establish, exercise or defend legal claims in favor of or against Pioneer;

  12. To protect intellectual property and business secrets, and for the purpose of assessing and enforcing compliance with applicable laws;


To fulfill any purpose directly related to the above purposes.


Pioneer shall engage in all other forms of processing, such as recording, organization, storage, updating, modification, retrieval, consultation, use, consolidation, blocking, erasure or deletion of personal data, which shall be done either manually and/or through automated means.



C. Sharing of Users’ personal information


Pioneer may share users’ personal data to third parties for legal reasons and to Third Party Service Providers for the fulfillment of any of the purposes enumerated above.


Third Party Service Providers are individuals and/or companies that help Pioneer run its business including, but not limited to, order fulfilment, payment processing, fraud detection and identity verification, website operation, market research companies, customer support services, promotions, advertising providers, website development, data analysis, etc.). Third Party Service Providers are only allowed to access and use Users’ personal data on Pioneer’s behalf for the specific tasks that they have been requested to carry out, based on Pioneer’s instructions, and are required to keep Users’ Personal Data confidential and secure.


In all instances where the sharing of personal data is for a commercial purpose, Pioneer shall ensure that the same is covered by a data sharing agreement which shall establish, or oblige the Personal Information Controller “PIC” or Personal Information Processor “PIP” to whom the Users’ personal data will be shared to establish, organizational, physical and technical safeguards for data privacy and security no less than those provided in this Privacy Policy, which in all instances shall comply with the DPA, the DPA IRR, issuances of the NPC, the GDPR, and other applicable laws and regulations on data privacy.


Before a User’s personal data is shared, Pioneer shall obtain the Users’ consent and provide the User with the following information:


  1. Identity of the PIC or PIP to whom the User’s personal data will be shared;

  2. Purpose of the data sharing;

  3. Categories of personal data to be shared;

  4. Intended recipients or categories of recipients of the personal information;

  5. Existence of the User’s rights as a data subject under the DPA, the DPA IRR, issuances of the NPC, GDPR, and other applicable laws and regulations on data privacy and the data sharing agreement between Pioneer and the PIC or PIP to whom the User’s personal data will be shared;

  6. Other information that would sufficiently notify the User of the nature and extent of the data sharing involved and the manner of the processing of his/her personal data


D. Targeted Advertising


Pioneer  partners with ad networks and other ad service providers such as, but not limited to, Facebook ads, Google ads, Linked-in ads  (“Advertising Providers”) wherein some advertisements are tailored to Users’ interests based on information collected on Pioneer’s Website sites over time. 


Pioneer’s website pages are integrated with analytics and tracking systems such as, but not limited to, Facebook Pixel tracking codes, Google Analytics tracking and measurement codes, LinkedIn Insight Tag API Codes, SEMrush tracking API, Hotjar API, and Ahref API codes (collectively, “Analytics and tracking systems”) which track User's data, reports User’s online behaviors and demographic profiles securely and in compliance with the GDPR. 


Pioneer reserves the right to execute follow up marketing campaigns to User’s who agree, opt-in, and/or consent to the Analytics and tracking systems integrated on its Website.




E. Outsourcing of the processing of Users’ personal data


Pioneer may engage a third party to process Users’ personal data. Such engagement will be covered by an outsourcing agreement mandating said third party to put in place the organizational, physical and technical measures no less than those provided in this Privacy Policy, which in all instances shall comply with the DPA, the DPA IRR, issuances of the NPC, GDPR and other applicable laws and regulations on data privacy. Pioneer guarantees that it will not sell Users’ personal data.



F. Storage and retention of Users’ personal data


Users’ personal data collected or otherwise processed by Pioneer shall be stored in secure online storage platforms, protected cloud infrastructure and/or on-site drives of Pioneer.


Pioneer uses industry-standard encryption to provide protection to the personal data collected, processed and stored and requires users and drivers to verify their identity through their login username and password before they can amend information on their accounts. Physical copies of said personal data, if any, shall be stored in Pioneer’s offices in secure and monitored rooms accessible only to duly authorized personnel.


In accordance with applicable laws, Pioneer will use the personal data for as long as necessary to satisfy the purposes for which the personal data was collected (as described above) or to comply with applicable legal requirements. Personal data used to provide you with a personalized experience will be kept for a duration permitted by applicable laws. When Pioneer no longer has any ongoing legitimate need to process and store a User’s personal data, and/or the User has withdrawn his/her consent, and/or has demanded the deletion of his/her personal data, the same shall be deleted.



G. Users’ access to their personal information


The User has the right to access, review and request a physical or electronic copy of his/her personal information held by Pioneer. The User also has the right to request information on the source of the personal data.


The right can be exercised by sending Pioneer an e-mail (, attaching a copy of the User’s ID or equivalent details. Pioneer reserves the right to take reasonable measures to further confirm a User’s identity before granting access.



H. Other rights of the Users as data subjects


Users have the right to correct, update or otherwise modify their personal data as collected and processed by Pioneer. Users may correct, update or otherwise modify such personal data by accessing their account, if any, through the Website or through Pioneer’s other Trade and Marketing Channels.


Users also have the right to withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal data, object thereto and/or demand that said personal data be erased from Pioneer’s records. The Users understand that the withdrawal of their consent, objection to Pioneer’s processing and/or demand for erasure may mean that Pioneer may be unable to provide its services to the Users withdrawing such consent, objecting to Pioneer’s processing or demanding erasure of their personal data from Pioneer’s records.


To exercise any of the above rights, Users may e-mail ( As data subjects, Users may file a complaint before the National Privacy Commission in the event that their rights are violated, and may be indemnified for any damages sustained due to the inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained or unauthorized use of personal data, taking into account any violation of his or her rights and freedoms as data subject.


H. Protection of Users’ personal data


Pioneer implements the organizational, physical and technical measures provided in the DPA, DPA IRR, issuances of the NPC, GDPR, and other applicable laws or regulations on data privacy for the protection of Users’ personal data. Pioneer restricts access of its employees, other than those specifically authorized, to Users’ personal information.


Pioneer employs a dedicated information technology team to protect its Users’ personal data .


Pioneer maintains technological safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to Users’ personal data. Pioneer ensures that credit card information is processed by PCI-certified merchants/payment providers.


Pioneer undertakes to constantly assess and improve upon its data protection measures to ensure the safety and integrity of the personal data it processes.



I. Data Controllers and Contact Details


For complaints, queries or concerns regarding Pioneer’s processing of Users’ personal data, Users may contact:


[Name of Data Protection Officer]

Data Protection Officer of Pioneer Adhesives, Inc.


[E-mail address]



J. Changes to Privacy Policy


We reserve the right to make changes to our practices and this Privacy Policy at any time.

Please refer to this page to be informed of any changes to this Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy was last updated on (April 7, 2021).

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