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Guidelnes & Mechanics

1. The contest shall run from May 4 – June 30, 2021

2. An Open boat painting contest that will feature creativity and craftsmanship of the wooden boat building industry ranging from 3 to 15 meters boat in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

3. Interested groups, boat maker, boat owner, contractor and enthusiast may join via Marine Technical Support (“MTS”), for online registration participants may visit or click Fill out registration details (Participants name, address, contact info, email address, contact no).

4. Marine Technical Support (“MTS”), MTS are in-charge of on ground cascading contest mechanics to interested groups, boat maker, boat owner, contractor and enthusiast group and coastal community.

5. The contest is open to wooden boats either racing, fishing, recreational, passenger and tourist boats.


6. Communities and groups are welcome and encouraged to participate. They may opt to use their name to register or a representative of their group or community.

7. Maximum of 2 entries per participant, group and community is allowed.

8. Each entry must indicate whether it is by a boat maker and/or boat owner, group or community, and each entry must be have the participant’s consent that the boat shall be included in the competition.

9. Painting shall be done by brush, roller and spray via compressor.

10. Artist involvement is welcome.

11. Entries must use Pioneer Marine Quick Dry Enamel (PMQDE) and Pearl Glaze as paint or combination of both for the entire boat. Non-compliance will deem disqualified

12. Boats must be made of wood.

13. Dominant color must be original/default PMQDE and Pearl Glaze color. In case some colors needed for the design do not match any of PMQDE's 14 colors and Pearl Glaze Satin 12 colors, mixing will be allowed. However, PMQDE and Pearl Glaze must still be used to achieve the desired color.

14. PMQDE or PG receipt and product label or empty container must be presented to the MTS as proof of product use. For online participants, send compliance photos via email non-compliance will deemed disqualified

15. An MTS will call for compliance and progress checking.

16. Entries with lewd, political and discriminating (offensive) designs or texts will be disqualified.

17. Submission of entries is until July 9, 2021 11:59 PM

18. Participants may only win once

19. In case of tie, winner will be break via second voting.

20. Determination of winners/judging will be on- July 23, 2021 Friday DATE/TIME 9:00 am/VENUE Zoom (via virtual meeting) in the presence of a DTI representative. Judging must take place within 14 days from the deadline submission of entries

21. Voter’s choice Special award will be determination via most number of like during a 5 day online posting to PAI FB page. Winning Store will be determined via Suking hardware, where participants buy the PG and PMQDE product use in the painting.


22 Winners will be notified via registered mail, call, email

23. Winners can claim their prize within 60 days from receipt of registered mail; otherwise, prizes will be forfeited in favor of PIONEER ADHESIVES INC. with prior DTI approval.


24. Once finished, online and on ground participants shall take photos and videos (stating their inspiration) of the finished boat and submit it to                 


25. By participating in the contest, participants agree to be bound by the decisions of PAI (Pioneer Adhesive Inc.) and consent to the use of the photos, video materials and their image, including recorded images and/or footage taken by PAI in relation to the contest for documentation purposes (collectively, “Contest Materials”), for marketing communications, campaigns, or promotions of the contest and PAI’s (Pioneer Adhesive Inc.)  Products and services.


26. PAI (Pioneer Adhesive Inc.) reserves the right to use said Contest Materials for other future content in connection with marketing communications, campaigns, or promotions in relation to PAI’s (Pioneer Adhesive Inc.) Products and services, without need of providing additional compensation whatsoever to the participants.


27. PAI (Pioneer Adhesive Inc.) also reserves the right to terminate this contest, or make such other decisions regarding the outcome as PAI deems appropriate. All decisions made by PAI as to the mechanics of the contest and the winners are final with prior DTI approval                 

28. Fishing boats that are painted prior to the contest are automatically disqualified.


29. All data will be accessible only to PAI's Digital Manager Marc Raymond Co.


30. Prizes are tax free.


31. Employees of PIONEER ADHESIVES Inc, agencies, and services and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are not qualified to join this promo.

Criteria for Judging


Design and Concept


Relevance to the theme

Pyesta ng Bankang Makulay at Batibay


Color Combination

Use of PG and PMQDE color


Overall Impression

Overall Impact




Can only win once

Champion        70,000.00

2nd place         60,000.00

3rd place          50,000.00

4th place          40,000.00

5th place          30,000.00

Special Awards

Voter's Choice  10,000.00

Winning Stores

Can only win once

Champion          5,000.00

2nd place           4,000.00

3rd place            3,000.00

4th place            2,000.00

5th place            1,000.00

Special Awards

Voter's Choice  10,000.00

Privacy Notice


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