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How to Protect Heavy Equipment from Wear and Tear

Can you imagine working without machines? The mere thought seems unimaginable, don’t you agree? Machines play a crucial part in many industries and production halts when even just one of it malfunctions.

As an article on Medium explains, “humans have been observed to use machines all the time, everywhere, and for almost everything. It is almost as if we depend on them, rely on them.” Given our reliance on machines, it’s common to see signs of wear and tear over time such as parts getting worn down and machines breaking down just because we skip maintenance.

Think about it this way, given how much we depend on machines, it’s only proper that we invest in proper maintenance. As explained on, preventive maintenance can extend the life of an equipment, reduce the possibility of breakdown, and avoid costly repairs.

How to Protect Machines from Wear and Tear

Get to know your machine

How well you know your machine and how it works can help you come up with a maintenance checklist that works. Aside from doing your research, you need to review the manual that comes with it. shares that, “taking the time to read and understand the equipment manual should be a core principle of a preventive maintenance plan.”

Prepare a preventive maintenance checklist

Having this list ensures that you won’t skip a part of the machine as you do your thorough checking. From the lights and brakes, to the tires, sprockets, and belts – you need to inspect it from the ground up, inside and out.

Identify possible causes of breakdown

Planning ahead matters. Knowing the potential causes of breakdown can help you save on costs and keep it from happening. The main causes of machinery breakdown can be categorized into: thermally induced failure or when extreme temperatures cause breakdown; mechanically-induced failure which happens moving parts are misaligned or fasteners are loose; and erratic failure which takes place when the hydraulic or electrical system experiences an overload.

By knowing these causes of breakdown, you can factor these in during your maintenance checks so you can tighten what needs to be tightened and reinforce what needs to be reinforced.

Do regular checkups and fixes

While having a regular maintenance schedule helps, quick fixes done from time to time can also help ensure your machines stay in good condition. From repairing high wear areas, reinforcing parts, and protecting surfaces from corrosion, allotting time for hassle-free mends counts. A heavy-duty backing compound epoxy comes in handy especially if you’re looking into rebuilding interfacing high wear areas and reinforcing machine parts while serving as a damper especially when the machine is subjected to high-impact and shock-bearing loads.

Pioneer Pro Heavy Duty Backing Compound Epoxy is a Filipino-made solution that can help you maintain your trusty machines. Solvent-free and non-hazardous to one’s health, this solid content epoxy compound is fast-setting, non-shrinking, and guarantees a very high compressive and impact strength

The welcome bonuses? It’s easy to use and economical, too, so you don’t have to worry about spending much when it comes to keeping your machines in tip-top shape. Don’t wait for your machine to malfunction and break down before you give it the maintenance it deserves. Let Pioneer Pro Heavy Duty Backing Compound Epoxy help you keep your equipment working like brand-new.

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