pioneer skim coat painter's buddy

Surface Preparation Tips To Ensure a Successful Paint Job

pioneer skim coat painter's buddy

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to brighten up a home or a room in an instant. While it’s easy to purchase a can of paint and a set of brushes to get it done, painting walls and surfaces without preparation can result in peeling paint, uneven shades, and an overall lackluster paint job. To avoid these problems and to make the most of a paint makeover budget, it’s a must to allot enough time for proper surface preparation.

To do this, meticulous cleaning, repairing, sanding, and priming need to be done. As a guide, here are essentials tips you shouldn’t miss before showcasing a brand-new color palette:

Clean the surface
Dirt and debris will cause the paint to not adhere to the surface. Just because it looks spotless doesn’t mean you can grab a brush and start covering it with paint. Make sure it’s free from dust, dirt, and molds. If you’re washing the surface, let it dry completely before painting to ensure paint adhesion.

Be on the lookout for damp spots
According to, damp spots are signs of moisture. It can be a roof leak problem or a ventilation issue that needs to be addressed before you can proceed with the paint job.

Check for cracks and irregularities on the surface
You can’t just paint over cracks and expect the paint to last a long time. Not only do surface imperfections like cracks and pinholes cause an uneven finish, it can also lead to peeling paint.

Seal and prime the surface
Rushing a paint job by foregoing sealing and priming will show uneven surfaces that will keep you from achieving an impeccable paint makeover. Remember, every second you spend preparing the surface contributes to a successful paint work.

Filling in cracks is essential before painting and fortunately, it can be done without a hitch with Painter’s Buddy Skim Coat by Pioneer Pro. A non-sag cement-based finishing plaster, Painter’s Buddy eliminates imperfections like crack lines, rough surfaces, and covers pinholes with its high-grade powder and excellent bonding properties. Aside from offering better coverage, it also guarantees no chalking and chipping off when applied on concrete surfaces, fiber cement ceilings, and walls. The best part? It’s easy to mix and use as well.

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Pioneer Pro Painter’s Buddy is also available in Liquid Skim Coat, a 100 percent acrylic smoothing rendering paste that can be used to repair uneven surfaces and filling small bubbles in concrete surfaces before painting. Easy to mix and use, it’s also fungus- and weather-resistant. The Liquid Skim Coat is ideal for interior and exterior walls, reinforced concrete, and precast concrete panels.

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Pioneer Pro is your go-to buddy for any construction and renovation project. It’s wide range of products can help you deliver results that can stand the test of time. To learn more about Painter’s Buddy Skim Coat, follow and chat with us on Facebook: or email

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